Finished Upstairs/Attic/Basement

Xpand Inc: Utilizing Your Basement and Attic

Xpand Inc: Utilizing Your Basement and Attic Decorating your Attic and Basement Space If your family is growing or you want to create an office area in your home, a few spaces in the house often go unused and could be developed to suit your ever-changing needs. Unfinished attic and basement spaces are often left

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open view of living room, kitchen and dining room

Xpand Inc: Open Concept Kitchen Remodel

Xpand Inc: Open Concept Kitchen Remodel 5 Ideal Reasons why Opening your Kitchen to a Dining Room is Essential How frequently do you eat from your private dining room? Answering this question will considerably influence your choices when choosing to renovate your kitchen. For most Americans, the common dining space is used twice in a

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Xpand Kitchen

Xpand Your Homes Kitchen and Basement Options

Xpand Your Homes Kitchen and Basement Options The Perfect timing for kitchen and basement remodels Many people are not sure when the perfect time to start a remodel project is. There always seems to be a reason not to start a remodel and push it back, but that is exactly why right now would be

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Front view of custom home with wrap around porch and trees, Xpand Inc.

Xpand Your Home with a Porch for Every Season

Xpand Your Home with a Porch for Every Season Your Home Needs Many things go into completing your homes landscape. Everything from the lawn to the patio can work wonders to accentuate the beauty of a home’s exterior. Although many may not consider the porch as a prominent part of the landscape, the fact is,

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SHowing a renovated kitchen from xpand

Where To Start Your Remodeling

Starting To Think Home Remodel? Start With Us! Now that winter in Minnesota has arrived, spending more time inside is inevitable. It may be time to spruce up an area of your home. Doing so need not be a horrible thing. Remodeling can be as simple as putting in new floors or carpet, updating lights,

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It’s National Kitchen and Bathroom Month!

This month have fun decorating some of the most utilized rooms in your home! October is about the time every year that everyone is starting to think about the holidays, what better time to spruce up the two busiest rooms in your home.  HOW TO CELEBRATE? Get new decor for your kitchen and bathroom or

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8 Things You Are Missing in Your Bathroom

Built in Shelving – Saves the clutter of a hanging shower caddy, Adding a shelf also gives a place for plants and candles for the ultimate relaxation retreat. Hidden Laundry Hampers — this is a no brainer, adding a built in laundry hampers will have less clutter with in the bathroom, and save space if you have

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Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter Energy Saving Tips The winter wind is here to stay for a while, and like a new roommate, we have to adjust to the changes that follow. On the other hand, you could go on vacation during the winter months! However, in both scenarios you will need to think about what your home is

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Fall Feelings

Fall Feelings From Outdoors to Indoors As Fall brings in the colder weather and harsher winds, we naturally seek shelter in our homes, our nests. This means our homes are becoming a central place again in most of our activities, and naturally means we will be having more guests indoors again.  To fully prepare for

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Porches For Your Dream Home!

Porches For Your Dream Home! As I’m sure you have heard by now, we have a special promotion currently going that is giving away a FREE MEAT SMOKER with any installation of a deck or porch! Check out the details HERE! Since we have this wonderful special promotion in effect, we thought it would be important to

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