Xpand Your Home with a Porch for Every Season

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Your Home Needs

Many things go into completing your homes landscape. Everything from the lawn to the patio can work wonders to accentuate the beauty of a home’s exterior. Although many may not consider the porch as a prominent part of the landscape, the fact is, the porch is probably one of the most important. When your guests arrive at your home, the first thing they see is the porch. In order to have a welcoming atmosphere, it is essential to outfit your porch with a unique and inviting decorative style, that only you can create.

Porch Construction

It is important to find a contractor who will give you quality results for the construction of the porch. Xpand, Inc. specializes in constructing quality porches, and because of this specialization, we have the ability find you the right materials that work around your budget, and give you the results you want. Since Minnesota is prone to diverse weather such as rain, snow, or intense sunlight, we recommend considering treated wood to help ensure the longevity of the wood. Moreover, choose a wood style that can be easily painted when the mood strikes you, so that updating your porch is as easy as a stroke of a brush. When complete, your new porch will surely breathe new life into the aesthetic of your home.

Porch Decoration

Finding your own personal style is ideal so that not only can your guests enjoy the porch, but so can you. There is a wide variety of decorative styles for your porch, including traditional, modern, or contemporary. Remember, the porch is part of the landscape, so decorate it with various kinds of plants and other greenery to achieve a collaboration between the porch and the yard. Small plants in pots would work best along with a couple of outside patio chairs. The idea is to give your porch a nice, relaxing décor. Depending where you live, you can also outfit your porch with features that will allow you to use the porch all year. These options can include putting in a fireplace, ceiling fan, screens, and more!

Health Benefits

Whether you want to take in the evening or want to rest after a long day’s work, sitting outside on your porch can bring you an array of health benefits. One of the main benefits is relieving stress. Simply being outside looking at the plants or garden can improve your happiness and well-being. It has also been said that being outside where the sun shines can increase your serotonin levels as well. If you have the space available for your porch, you can even invite some friends or family. Having an outdoor gathering with friends can stimulate the mind and be a welcomed distraction from the day’s worries.

Finish the Layout to Your Liking

Remember that you’ll be the one enjoying the porch, so it is essential that you decorate your porch to your likes and wants. If you want to make the porch feel cozy and comfortable, you can include some small coffee table or side tables. These small additions can complement your chairs, and enhance the functionality of your porch. Did someone say coffee at sunrise? Remember, Xpand, Inc. has the tools, the skills, and the knowhow for all your porch-building needs. We offer experience, we offer integrity, we offer to Xpand your homes potential.

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