Xpand Inc

Lets Your Dream Home!

You’re building a new custom home for your family. It’s exciting, daunting and bit overwhelming. We’ve been in your shoes, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Through our Homes of Xcellence division, we build more than just houses; we build unique homes that capture your personality.
Our staff will work with you on the design, so that your new home is both elegant and functional. We’ll help you choose options and vendors, granite and flooring, carpet and appliances. You’re in charge; we’re just there to make sure you know what’s possible.

All the while, our dedicated construction crews are expertly building your new home. Unlike many builders, we only subcontract a few specialty jobs, and in those cases we use master craftsmen we’ve worked with for years because we trust their work and timeliness. The rest of our crews are our employees. They have our name on their hardhats and shirts. That means accountability, and we take that seriously.

In the end, your home will be unique to you and your family. No cookie-cutters. No number-menu type ordering. A real, custom home that reflects everything you’ve been dreaming of.

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