It’s National Kitchen and Bathroom Month!

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This month have fun decorating some of the most utilized rooms in your home! October is about the time every year that everyone is starting to think about the holidays, what better time to spruce up the two busiest rooms in your home?


Get new décor for your kitchen and bathroom or start from scratch and do a complete remodel!

Most people spend a lot of time in the kitchen and bathroom, why not keep it updated with little embellishments, simple tasks like painting, or go more extreme and get all new cabinets! 

A quick paint job and refreshing your bath towels and art can be all that you need to give your bathroom and kitchen the facelift it deserves. 


National Kitchen and Bath Month was started in 1982 by the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

Contact Xpand, Inc. TODAY for your FREE estimate to help you celebrate National Kitchen and Bath Month RIGHT!

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