8 Things You Are Missing in Your Bathroom

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We spend a lot of time in the bathroom- so why not enjoy how it looks and functions? Her are 8 things that you didn’t know you were missing in your bathroom:

Built in Shelving – Saves the clutter of a hanging shower caddy, Adding a shelf also gives a place for plants and candles for the ultimate relaxation retreat.

Hidden Laundry Hampers — this is a no brainer, adding a built in laundry hampers will have less clutter with in the bathroom, and save space if you have a small bathroom to work with.

Above Counter Storage — Easy way to store things that are being used every day, also by adding a plug in, the space will have a hidden charging space.

Recessed closet next to the toilet — a perfect place to hide the toilet brush and plunger.

A built in footrest — for those who have to shave their legs, a small perch in the shower or tub can help when shaving legs.

Double curtain Rods — You can use the outside rod to hang towels, and getting a rounded shower rod will give more space in the shower without taking up any floor space.

Towel Warmer — What is better in the dead of winter than getting out of the shower to a nice warm towel? Towel warmers are the handiest appliance you didn’t even know you wanted!

Soaking Tub — Or at least a tub large enough to soak in. Adding to the ambiance and tranquility of a bathroom. 

Contact our team today to add these must-haves to your bathroom.

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