Make Your Bath Beautiful

Imagine Beautiful.

Imagine for a moment, that you walk into the most luxurious and modern bathroom you have ever seen, but it was YOUR bathroom! Your bathroom can be anything you want it to be!  We want your bathroom to become a place of solace and comfort after a long day; nothing is better than the spa-like treatment waiting for you in your new bath. Whether you need to make the most of limited space or want to go all out with a beautifully tiled walk-in shower, we provide insight and craftsmanship that no one can match.

We at Xpand have been working with homes for years. That means that we have also encountered several do’s and don’ts of each room in the home. The bathroom is no exception to this experience. We have worked with hundreds of people and their homes and have heard, as well as seen, many variations of bathroom layouts & styles, broadening our understanding of what a bathroom can and should be.

Let’s remodel your ideas about bathrooms into something that will add charm and beauty to your home!

Features To Keep In Mind!

Our bathroom services, just like all of our other offered home services, can be custom. As long as you have some sort of idea about how you want your bathroom to be laid out and look, we will be able to offer a wide variety of options in terms of material used that is cost efficient, environmentally mindful and visually appealing. Not only that, but we can suggest the best manner in which the main components of the bathroom should be laid out thanks to our years of experience and feedback of other home owners and their likes and dislikes of bathroom styles and functionality!

We at Xpand strive for greatness through our work and your goals. This holds true even in the bathrooms. We want your bathroom to be a unique atmosphere that caters to your needs in a utilitarian sense but also to hold an aesthetic that is conductive to the rest of the home while still unique on it’s own. 

We can do most anything you would want in a bathroom, from standing glass showers, to deep tubs near a wide window for a great view during your relaxation time, to deep sinks that have an aesthetic of antique or modern clean cut. The possibilities are nearly endless and are only limited by your ideas!

We will shape your dreams into a reality so that you can say you built a home you have always dreamed of! 

The following pictures are examples of our past work with other home owners who are now proud of their bathrooms!