Xpand Your Homes Kitchen and Basement Options

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The Perfect timing for kitchen and basement remodels

Many people are not sure when the perfect time to start a remodel project is. There always seems to be a reason not to start a remodel and push it back, but that is exactly why right now would be the best time to get started! Despite the worlds current struggle, Xpand inc.’s services and quality of work is still guaranteed, and we are still in service. Take this instance to get those basement and kitchen remodels taken care of so you don’t have to look for the “perfect time” but instead, choose for this to be the perfect time. Getting these remodels taken care of with our high-quality work would be the perfect way to add some square footage to your home, increasing its value, while also increasing it’s array of options for the basement or kitchen. Remodels are also a great way to enhance the homes charm factor, and really make a cozy interior space for these increased indoor requirements.

Basement Remodels

Remodeling the basement can lead to many great opportunities to enhance your homes potential. A popular example would be a man cave, a space for the guys to take their rowdiness downstairs to a single area, full of sports, drinks, games, you name it! Or if you are leaning toward the basement as a place for the whole family, then a dedicated entertainment room would be a wonderful inclusion in the home, allowing for family game night, movies, on-screen concerts and more!  The possibilities are endless when we mix your creative wants with Xpand’s know-how capabilities!

Kitchen Remodels

What if you already have a basement that you love? Well then, let’s move to the kitchen! The kitchen is often an under-used section of the home due to the busy schedules of the family, but when it is used, it tends to be more project oriented or spare storage space. If you decided to remodel your kitchen, you would be able to change the kitchen to serve as more than just storage space. The kitchen could be opened so that it flows into an extra room or living room, that way, the projects stay out of the kitchen, and those spare boxes no longer clog up table space meant for family time.  We know that undertaking remodels can be stressful, but we found that it is best to tackle these projects in steps, to make for smooth sailing. For example, in the kitchen you can begin by changing the faucets, then the cabinets, then lighting and so on, looking at each section one by one to build a cohesive room.

Remodel for you and your family

Remodels do not only allow for new options in a home; they also help express the family living in the home. If you are currently, living in a home built around a previous families style and interests, you may feel a disconnect from your home. Remodeling the sections that your family interacts with the most will help them feel like they belong in that home, while also making it more cozy in the process!

Xpand your home for your family

Your home is where you spend a lot of your time, especially in these current situations, so take charge and make sure your home is what you want and need, it to be. Remodeling  your home allows for unique designs, all with the added benefit of increased room options. Xpand your home and your home experience with our remodeling services today!

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