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Home owners often run across a dilemma after a few years of inhabiting their home, they want something new, something fresh. We all get that itch, that desire to begin some form of home renovation or home remodel once the charm of our home loses its shine. This is completely natural and can be an exciting opportunity!

I’m certain your first thought will be “how to renovate my home?”  and that question should be embraced rather than something to stress about.

When it comes to renovations, this can be a great way to fill the home with a new purpose. Those kitchen cabinets that have begun to look dated? Gone, and replaced with some chic modern styled cabinets that take up less room and no longer demand attention of the room in a negative manner. Renovations are a cost effective option that can be applied to most any aspect of the home, revitalizing that part and breathing new life into the atmosphere!

While renovations can be a great source of appreciation for the home, and a way to effectively alter the home at an easier price, home remodels have strong competing factors that should be considered.

While more time consuming and financially heavy, remodels can have a greater effect on the home, and also have a higher return percentage if your looking to sell!

We have a few examples of a positive return  on a home thanks to some remodeling investments!


The area around the home can play an integral role in the overall appeal of the home. A home can look amazing inside and out, but of the area around the home is a desolate wasteland, well the home itself becomes less interesting.

What you can do to improve the landscape around the home

  • Add some flowering shrubs for some color and pop to the front lawn and back yard. Capitalize on the natural resources around you!
  • Following up on the previous tip, add some kind of deciduous tree to the property. A nice 15-foot-tall tree will really help grab attention for the home, and because it is a deciduous tree, you get to enjoy an added effect of all the seasons by simply taking note of the trees!
  • A flag stone walkway is a welcome and charming addition. Simple and effective, guests and home owners alike will feel more drawn to the home!
  • Two stone planters, planted near the front steps as nice accents to the home. Make sure they are big enough to catch some attention, 6×2 should be the minimum!

The Roof

This suggestion is purely for an enhanced sense of security and to ensure visual appeal that is consistent throughout the home. No one wants a leaky home, much less someone looking to buy one.

Signs of needed roof repair

  • Missing shingles, curled or hiding behind that pesky moss.
  • Residual parts of the shingles are brought through the downspout. This is a clear sign of the age of the shingles, when they fall apart like this from weathering, it is time to replace them.
  • A natural lighting in the attic….coming from cracks in the ceiling and walls.
  • Stains across the ceiling and walls, as proof of worn exterior defenses.
  • An energy bill as tall as high as the 15-foot tree you planted. When your energy bill keeps rising, and you cant figure out why, it’s more than likely because of small cracks and openings through the roof or other areas of the home.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are, simply put, a cherished classic. We in the West are fortunate to have access to such an option! There are places in the world that used to have a scarce wood resource! Wood floors are easy to keep clean and easy to repair. You don’t need to buy all new wood flooring unless there is some SERIOUS issues with your flooring. Simply refinishing the floor will keep the charm intact and have a positive return when selling the place!

Patio/ Deck

Naturally, now that you have a landscape that is visually appealing and adding an overall interest to the home, it would make sense to have a place to admire it from.  Installing a patio or deck will allow for a greatly enhanced home that adds a very appealing functionality and will allow for an even greater return when or if selling!

Home Siding

Adding or replacing damaged siding to your home will have three main functionalities that alone, are worth the time and effort. Siding can come in literally any color you would want, allowing for an unlimited potential for your home. Siding will retract the need to paint! No more falling off your roof! Finally, the most obvious, your home will be protected from the weather and nick and dings!

Some people scoff at the idea of vinyl siding, saying its a thing of the past and should be left there, however what those naysayers don’t realize, is that vinyl siding  has undergone some improvements, like everything else since the technological boom! Vinyl siding is now fade resistant with finishes and has transferable lifetime warranties! Give it a shot, give it a look, don’t be a home siding crook!

That’s about it for today’s tips and ideas for houses! If you have any questions or need help with the aforementioned topics, give us a call at Xpand, Inc. and let us turn that house into a dream home! 

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