Quick Tips to Quickly Enhance Your Curb Appeal!

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Looking for some new ways to enhance the curb appeal of your home? Look no further! We have got 7 ways to give your home that extra charm for the season!

  1. Spruce up the lawn! 
    While the beautifully colored leaves are unique and fun to look at, it’s important to keep up with the lawn maintenance! Be sure to rake the lawn regularly while patching up any brown spots in the grass.
  2. Fall flowers! 
    Flowers that match the season and line the outside of your home can be an immense change of the aesthetic attraction! Replace your summer plants with fall flowers! Mums and the like have vibrant colors that can really do the trick!
  3. Emphasize your front door!
    Everything needs a focal point! Your front door can be the best focal point on your home. By adding some simple ornaments your front door can become a widespread attraction! Toss a wreath and some matching potted foliage by the steps and you’ll swear the spirit of fall is with you!
  4. Exterior tidiness
    While the leaves are swaying in the wind, some may land all over the exterior of your home. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, it doesn’t really help either. Your homes exterior can become vulnerable to the residue of the changing seasons, so get a hold of a pressure washer and some paint! Rejuvenate your home!
  5. Clear the gutters!
    Cleaning the gutters is essential during this time of the year! Don’t allow clogs to develop and allow the possibility of a flood in or around your home!
  6. Outdoor lighting!
    Outdoor lighting can be an effective way to give your home a warm and welcome feeling even in the chilly brisk winds of October! These can also be great when the trick-or-treater’s start to come by!
  7. Simplicity
    Keep the decorations simple. Don’t go all out and cover your home in pumpkin lanterns and things of the like. Simple little touches often have a stronger effect on the appeal of a home than masses of decorations!


That should just about do it! Go get your October theme on!

While your setting up your decorations, contemplate how your home would function with some remodels! Then give us a call and inquire about the wonderful opportunities we offer!

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