Modern Fireplace Renovation Ideas!

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When you hear the word “fireplace” you usually think of the standard fireplace that is sitting in a brick chimney and in the living room of the home. Generally that’s how they actually are, but why stick with the generic? Let’s be a bit eccentric and exciting today!

Modern fireplace concepts

We are going to move the fireplace away from the generic chimney attached concept and develop some ideas for more unique and modern concepts!

Let’s start off by moving the fireplace away from the brick and chimney. Your fireplace can easily be installed into a wall now! This can hold great opportunities! For example, the wall could be made specifically for the fireplace, allowing the fireplace to be shown and functional on both sides of the said wall, adding a unique warmth and charm to more than just the living room!

If your worried about adding a wall to the house and closing the space up, why not consider a the midsection of the wall to be cut out, allowing for visual space to still be relevant, and a fireplace being functional on both sides!

Vent-less fireplaces 

Most people don’t actually know that since the 1980’s there have been vent-less fireplaces. They are, and they can be tremendously useful from a design standpoint!

Incorporating a vent-less fireplace allows the location and incorporation of the fireplace to be faster and easier, foregoing the flute or chimney altogether! This means you can have a wonderful in-wall risen fireplace in your dining room to give an alluring charm during dinner. Adding onto the previous concept, the fireplace could actually function in two rooms, so when you move from the dining room to the living room you don’t have to leave the comfort of a fickle flame! Fireplaces don’t even need to be restricted to the main section of a home! If you have a workshop in the garage, or an enclosed porch of some sort, you could always install a fireplace in these locations!

Changing how you see the fireplace and the generic ideas of how it is supposed to be can open up some great opportunities for your home and it’s development of character!

Consider in the future, a renovation that incorporates a fireplace wall or vent-less fireplace to add a strong visual appeal as soon as you step into the home. Fireplaces are key to a dramatic feeling in an atmosphere because it showcases an element defined by it’s fickle existence and undying charm in the glow of it’s oxygen burning life.

Give us a call today and let’s talk about some fireplace renovation ideas! We have some great insight to offer and we would love to collaborate with you to achieve those new standards of uniqueness!

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