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Some great flooring options for your dream home!

Often times when we visit as home we examine it’s differences from our own. There are an outstanding amount of variables involved in the contrast between homes, but sometimes there are things that can really stand out, much more than others. Generally the flooring of a home is that factor. There are a multitude of

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Master bath with hardwood floor and window overlooking lake

Bathroom remodel ideas!

The winter is a great time to consider the inside of your home, and the rooms that are used on a daily. One such room of great importance would be the bathroom, we use it every day, so it should be one of the top priorities when it comes to comfort, access and spaciousness. If

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10 quick tips to ensure a healthy home!

Home is where the heart is! But often times home is also where the unhealthy habits or situations may occur! We have 10 quick tips to help keep your home a place of positive health! Let’s start! Barrier between the bedding and you! Make sure your using dust-proof casings for all your pillows and mattresses.

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Back right side view of the house

Autumn chill, time for the home checklist!

The chill in the air is finally here! The crisp leaves beneath our feet remind us it’s almost time for that long-awaited snow fall! In mentioning the ‘S’ word, we should ensure our home is ready for whats to come! We’ve put together a nice little list to help you keep track of the tasks

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Basic basement maintenance for the winter!

From fall to winter, there are plenty of opportunities for your basement to have some form of water damage. Between the heavy rains or the quick winter thaws (especially with Minnesota season madness) your foundation may have some breaches. There are a couple things you can do to be aware of the possible dangers and

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Unfinished Basement & Walkout

How to prevent a basement from flooding!

Floods are a mess, a big mess, and a flood in your basement is just plain wrong! Basement floods can blind side homeowners and really hurt them financially. Generally flooding can happen due to some poor sealing around windows, doors, or due to electrical outages, causing your sump pump to stop pumping the excess ground

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Front side view of house

The paint you apply to your home is more than decoration!

Most people think the paint outside their homes  is merely for appeal, however it has a more vital purpose! Paint on the exterior of your home is a form of weather defense so to speak. Rain, wind, cold, and damp conditions can be battled with the right quality primer and paint! Weather is a relentless

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Stairway view overlooking family room with very large windows

Hot tips! How to maintain a wood-burning fireplace!

Summer nights are the natural setting for a bonfire, but when its raining its a bit difficult to achieve, so we move into the house and sit by the fireplace and get all comfy cozy! For those rainy summer nights we need to make sure our fireplace is maintained, we don’t want an added frustration

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Stairway from mainlevel to upper level

Less termites, less problems!

Most homes today have beautifully decorated wood pieces, either as door frames, pillars, counters or whatever else! Nothing is quit as frustrating as termites chowing their way through those lovely decorations. So how do you know if you have termites? Here’s how to check! Some signs of termites are actually very subtle, for example the

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