Bathroom Remodel Ideas!

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The winter is a great time to consider the inside of your home, and the rooms that are used on a daily. One such room of great importance would be the bathroom, we use it every day, so it should be one of the top priorities when it comes to comfort, access and spaciousness. If your bathroom is a cluttered room that drives anxiety, stress and frustration into overdrive just by looking at the closed that hides the beast within, you may want to consider a remodel!

Bathroom remodels can be very cathartic and really help you appreciate your bathroom much more. From the shower to the floor, a bathroom remodel has all sorts of possibilities! So lets think about some options!

Counter space, above and below

The bathroom counters are one of the main focuses when you step into the room. This will be the location you brush your teeth, do your hair and makeup, shave and a multitude of other functionalities. This space needs to accommodate your needs. Something to really consider is the type of counter, what material you will use, and what will help hide the fallen toothpaste instead of show it off. Usually there are cabinets of some sort underneath the counter space, to hold cleaning products or some random things here and there, however you could actually remove the space below and have the cabinets cut out, so there is a nice wide open space below the sink. this will open the room more, enhancing the feeling of space, while also being an option to store objects there if wanted.


The kind of tile you have laid out in your bathroom is another strong attention capturing subject. The tile should be the cohesive element that ties the entire room together aesthetically, while still being something that shines on it’s own. Consider how far this tile is pushed, it doesn’t have to stop at the floor level. Some bathrooms can look great with the floor tile rising up and taking hold of some of the wall space, creating a cut across the room, before going into a different material for the upper half of the walls.

Bathtub or shower? Both? 

The cleaning station! the shower/bath in the bathroom can be the “make or break” of the room. Everything in the bathroom can look great and create an aesthetic appeal, but then be completely ruined by the shower or tub. The shower/tub needs to integrate seamlessly  with the rest of the room. A strong way of accomplishing this integration would go back to the flooring, which could lead right into the shower/tub. Another method could be the means of access, either curtain or slider, or doors. The method of access will also determine how open the room feels. If there is a curtain, the room will instantly be cut down, while a glass or frost door will open the room greatly, increasing the sense of space and decrease any claustrophobic feelings.

That’s all for now, but don’t for a second think that this is all that there is to a bathroom remodel! There is always the toilet, lighting, mirror, shelving, closets etc… that has to still be considered! Make your bathroom a place of peace and strong functionality! Once you have some solid ideas flowing around, give us a call and we will work through your ideas with you and help you through the entire process! 

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