The Paint You Apply to Your Home is More Than Decoration!

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Most people think the paint outside their homes  is merely for appeal, however it has a more vital purpose!

Paint on the exterior of your home is a form of weather defense so to speak. Rain, wind, cold, and damp conditions can be battled with the right quality primer and paint!

Weather is a relentless force that can chip away at the longevity of homes, so finding ways to protect your home from strong weather conditions is of the utmost importance!

Paint your homes sides, trim  and other surfaces when the exterior paint begins to start bubbling/peeling/flaking or when your seals begin to wear down and need a new caulking. Keep your eye open for any of these signs after a strong weather passing.

Benefits and tips for maintaining the exterior paint:

  • Dampness wont get sealed into the walls and ruin insulation or encourage the development of rot or mold.


  • Before applying a new coat to your home, be sure to first caulk any areas necessary, that may have been caused by unwelcome house pets.


  • Choosing a high quality paint as well as an environmentally friendly paint with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) allow for a cleaner air quality in the home.


Not only is paint important outside your home but has some added effects inside the home as well!

  • Painting interior walls can minimize dust and dirt that occurs over time.


  • Painting bathrooms and kitchens specifically need to be able to withstand the daily routines that involve heat/humidity. Paint with sheen has a longer life span!


The next time your about to pain your home be sure to understand not only its visual appeal but also its defensive mechanics to help keep your home healthy!

Give us a call today and let us help you decide on a color as well as a new home design or addons! 

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