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Minnetonka Bathroom Remodel Refresh

As time passes, oftentimes the amenities or features within our homes, that worked well in the past, no longer accommodate our current needs. Here at Xpand, we want our clients to be able to stay in their homes for as long as they please, which is why we place such a high level of importance on Living In Place and Inclusive Design. 

Our client came to us looking to remodel her bathroom to create a more functional space that was custom to her needs and looked beautiful too.




The Details

Walk-In Shower

After removing the client’s old drop in tub and corner shower, we built a walk-in shower with a custom sized knee wall to meet the client’s needs. A new custom glass piece was installed as a topper. Inside the knee wall you will find an oversized shampoo niche, an attractive and functional grab bar, and the controls for the new shower head. 

Our skilled tile installers poured a custom sloped shower pan and installed the tile and accent pieces per the designers drawings. 

Tiled Flooring + Painted Walls

New tile was supplied and installed on the floor and we replaced all of the interior trim. The ceiling received a fresh coat of white paint and the walls were painted a beautiful muted blue/gray color. 


After the removal of the previous shower and bath, we removed a few inches of concrete floor to allow us to lower the plumbing. After that, we installed the necessary blocking and the new subfloor.


We moved the light and fan switches from the interior of the bathroom to just outside the entry door in the bedroom. An outlet was also added for our client’s bidet.


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