Hollow Core Versus Solid Core Doors!

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When building your home, doors are often not at the top of the list. Generally thought of as a side component, doors actually hold value in areas other than aesthetics! Generally there are two types of doors used for the interior. Hollow core doors or solid core doors, so how do you decide?

Lets break it down!

Hollow core doors are up first!

  • Not truly hollow, these doors are made of thin press-board or wood veneer on the exterior, but inside is a cardboard honeycomb layer. The cardboard provides the door with structure and a minor sound blocker.


  • Not very solid, very lightweight and easy to self install.


  • Fire-rating is non existent due to its thin build of the layers.


  • Easily accessible and applicable in large amounts to fill homes/businesses.


Solid core doors, here we go!

  • With Masonite (type of hardboard made of steam-cooked and pressure molded wood fibers) or composite wood core, these may be painted with wood veneer, opening options for customization.


  • Much heavier than hollow core doors, and heavier than solid wood doors. Causing a little more difficulty for installation, usually requiring two people, however due to the solid build it has a fire-rating if the door is 1.75″ thick! (Safety first!)


  • Great sound barrier thanks to density!


The differences in these two types of doors are basically night and day, solid core doors proving to have a stronger functionality for safety as well as customization and sound blocking.

Give us a call today and inquire about our solid core doors and how they can become an essential part of your dream home!


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