Quartz vs Granite Countertops!

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Previously we talked about granite countertops and their key properties for what they can bring to your home, however now we will compare them to quartz countertops to give you, our valued friends, another option to think about!

So, what’s the difference’s?


  • Is a mixture of multiple minerals and formed through the solidification of lava or magma.
  • The multiple different minerals gives each bit of granite unique variations in color and texture.
  • Generally granite has between 10-50% quartz in its mix which gives the semi-transparent white,  and 65-90% feldspar, for a light pink hue.
  • Depending on the way granite cools, cracks and expansion may cause the material to have varied levels of durability.
  • Natural source of the earth.
  • Small natural fractures.
  • Very porous unless coated with a top layer of resin.



  • Man-made, made of 90% quartz and the other percentages composed of resins and polymers of various types of pigments.
  • Durability is consistently top-notch.
  • Lack of pours or cracks, allowing this material to be non-porous, which entails resistance to stains and other liquids induced issues.


Now knowing the differences in the basic functions and creation of the two types in contrast, how do you decide?

The only major question is do you want something man-made or something from the earth naturally? This is purely a personal desire, however you could also look at the ease of use for either material. Whilst they both can be used as a countertop material, quartz countertops tend to be more durable and easier to clean, maintain and not have to think about.

Either option can be a beautiful addition to your home. Man-made or naturally occurring, it is still purely a preference! Personally, I would love to say “come take a look at my new lava formed countertops!” but that may just be me.

Give us a call today to ask us about our preferences on the matter! Don’t forget to see what we can do for you and your dreams for your home!

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