Types of Exterior Stone Sidings!

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As a follow up to the last post, its important to inform you on the types of exterior stone sidings! you cant very well clean what you don’t YET have!

There are multiple kinds of exterior stone accents, all having a unique style, and all coming in a variety of  shades and values! So lets break down a few!

Let us know which one you would prefer for your home!

First up! Solid stone siding

  • Superior durability
  • strong authentic look of naturally occurring stone
  • Fire resistant
  • Research has shown that stone exterior can actually effectively lower heating and cooling costs by as much as 8%!
  • Resistant to high winds and typically not damaged by hail or other debris blown around.
  • Longevity of the stone exterior is a huge positive! you wont need to often, or ever depending on maintenance, replace these stone sidings!


Next up! Manufactured stone siding (also known as cultured stone)-

  • Created through the use of molds, minimized limitations in comparison to natural stone
  • Weighs less
  • Slightly cheaper for shipping
  • More durable due to being produced for the very purpose of exterior siding


Lastly polyurethane-based foam panel ‘stone’ siding

  • Made to be more straightforward and easier to install because it is installed in panels and not on a rock-by-rock basis
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Due to the technology used in the production of this siding, the only way you would know this isn’t actual rock is through touch.
  • Produced to have longevity and resistant to weather


That’s all for now on exterior stone siding! There are more than the kinds detailed here! Give us a call at Xpand, Inc. if you have any questions about stone siding and how we can apply it to your home! 

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