Granite Counter Tops! Rock Solid and Aesthetically Pleasing!

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Granite is the slow crystallization of magma, so lets put it in the kitchen and cook up some good times!

The natural beauty of granite is a favorite for many, it has wonderful variations in color as well as texture, making it a strong medium to help tie unique kitchen or bathroom designs together!

The qualities of granite are:

  • Strong visual aesthetic that adds a sense of value and naturalism.
  • Low susceptibility to scratches,  allowing for longevity in appeal and functionality.
  • Heat resistant, which is perfect for use near a grill or cook-top.
  • Thanks to the sealing, granite has a high resistance to stains!
  • Over 20 shades of granite, making it a solid material for a large pool of color schemes!

Ask us today what we can do for you and your granite needs!

Be it counter tops, bathroom tiles or what ever else you desire!

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