Porches For Your Dream Home!

When it comes to decks and porches, they tend to run along the same line in terms of functionality; however, there are a few differences to note! 

Xpand Porches

Our porches, just like our decks, are the culmination of years of building experience and client interaction. This experience shows in the manner in which we create and install our porches. While our decks are the best in Minnesota, our porches keep the same pace!

The porches we create at Xpand, Inc. offer a wide variety of options. These options can range from wraparound porches, to enclosed screen porches, to glass installed porches. No matter the kind of porch you are looking for on your home, we can accomplish the requirements and if desired, include some unique attributes, bringing your porch into the realm of custom porches!  We encourage our clients to choose the materials that draw them in, and provide an aesthetic that fits their fancy. By doing this, we establish an understanding of the visual style our clients are looking for, and can elaborate and twist the style making something totally new and unique. This could manifest itself in a manner that takes from all major porch attributes, like a covered wraparound and enclosed porch going from the front of the home to the back! Our vision and capabilities at Xpand, Inc. know no bounds!

We know that our enthusiasm can be a bit overwhelming so we have some porch ideas that can help you identify your vision! 

  • Seasonal porches
  • Traditional porches in a monochrome 
  • Antique Wood Porches
  • Garden Porch
  • Farmhouse themed Porch
  • Southwestern Porch 
  • Coastal waters Porch
  • Covered Lanai-Style
  • Modern inspired porch on an upper terrace
  • Mid-century Modern porch that spans the entire home
  • Rounded porch stretching out from the back door
  • Tall Ceiling porch that allows for grand hanging pieces
  • High gable roofed porch for indoor and outdoor experiences


Hopefully these popular and common styles of porches sparked some creative juices to get the ideas flowing for your home! We want to provide you and your family with a pleasurable installation experience that will serve as a location where you can all become a closer family over the years. We at Xpand, Inc. pride ourselves in our work, so let us show you why! Be sure to check out our past works at the top of the page, which features pictures of porches and decks we have installed for other families and homes!

Give us a call today and let’s start drafting some designs for your new porch!

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