Xpand Inc. Decks Are Made From Something More

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Decks and porches are a wonderful and easy addition to make to your home. The following points are facets of our company that help to hold us above the rest of the local deck installation and home building businesses. 

Years of Experience

Before we delved into the custom home business, we were deck makers. Our passion for custom decks is the real deal, and our craftsmanship is proof of that. Our hundreds of installations of decks have allowed us invaluable experience that allows us create more elaborate and unique deck surfaces than anyone else in Minnesota. 

Strong Relationships

When we finish a deck installation, we don’t just let it end there. Through the years, we have kept in contact with the families who we installed for in order to hear their response to the newly made decks, and to hear how they hold up over the years. This allows us another form of indispensable information that really keeps us evolving. Client input is one of the most valued parts of our interactions. 

Material That Lasts, And Is Eco-friendly

Materials used in any project from custom home building to custom decks require a conscious mind. We ensure that the material we use in our projects are above the standard because the work we do settles for nothing less. This means the materials used in creating our decks are considered in all kinds of environments and weather conditions, ensuring you, the client, can be assured your investment is always in top shape. Not only do we ensure our materials are above the standard, we also make sure they are eco-friendly. One of the main pleasures derived from decks is the ability to behold a beautiful natural surrounding environment. We want to preserve the natural beauty of the world, and we start by choosing materials that do not prove fatal for the environment. 

Thanks to these aspects involved in our business, we can ensure a pleasurable process for the families involved, and create a deck that suits the needs to the standards and beyond. We at Xpand, Inc. cannot wait to meet more families and homes and become a part of the process that results in the realization of dream homes. Our commitment, craftsmanship and years of experience will show you just how much we love what we do! 

What are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

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