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Home Is Where The Heart Is

We at Xpand, Inc. and Homes of Xcellence represent the culmination of custom home and deck building. Using this experience we look at each home as an individual in order to create a unique personality within the home, because we believe home is where the heart is, and nothing says love like a completely individualized home. 

For this home specifically, we are especially proud of. This home underwent a huge remodel that would result in an identifiable character and really push it’s life into the modern world. 

To accomplish the task, we included multiple additions to the home, a relocation of the kitchen so that it was facing the lake, the inclusion of a main floor bathroom and laundry room and removal of walls for space. The results of our efforts and the partnership of the families vision created this home that will be known throughout the neighborhood due to it’s immense curb appeal, and remembered by the family because of the fond memories created during it’s construction and moving forward into the future.

Some of the main features involved in this project include:

  • Main floor master bathroom through the combination of three rooms.
  • A sitting room off of the kitchen which includes a vaulted ceiling finished in ship lap.
  • A rebuild of part of the deck to better flow with the homes new contour. 
  • An edit of the decks railing, removing the railing to replace with glass, creating an unobstructed view of the lake.
  • A rebuild of the HVAC system thermostats through the addition of a second furnace and re-ducting most of the home.
  • Addition of four separate zones controlled by different thermostats.
  • New spray foam insulation throughout the main level. 
  • Fixed house issues that were not up to code, such as the original framing and spancrete room under the main garage, which did not have waterproofing installed before backfilled. 


We love what we do, and we are good at it. We go many extra miles to ensure the families and friends we meet have nothing but love for the home we get to help create, after all, no home is complete until it has the love of a family coursing through it’s halls. 

Give us a call today, drive out to meet us, or send us a message on Facebook. Let’s start creating the dream home for you and your family! 

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