What Benefits Do You Get When You Hire a Custom Home Builder?

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What Benefits Do You Get When You Hire a Custom Home Builder?

In 2019 alone, construction started on about 1.29 million new homes. Some of these homes are pre-built models, many of them are custom build homes. Of course, the path to home ownership can go down a lot of paths. If you’re buying a home because you a need a place to live for a few years, a prebuilt home or existing home will often suffice.

If you’re looking for something special and long-term, working with a custom home builder may prove the right path for you. The idea may leave you wondering what you get when you hire a custom home builder. Keep reading and we’ll explore some of the benefits.

Unique to You

When you buy an existing home, you basically get what you see. You can renovate, but renovations and budgets have limits. You basically choose from a menu of standard-issue options when you get a prebuilt home. Neither option really reflects your preferences. When you get a custom home, it’s all about your preferences. The custom home building process begins with the design phase. That’s when you tell the home builder the exact features you want in the home. Then, the builder drafts a plan around those features.

Expert Advice

You may know exactly what features you want in the house, but that doesn’t mean you know the best route for accomplishing those features. For example, maybe you know want oak hardwood floors or a marble countertop. A good custom home builder can help you pick out reputable vendors to supply the wood or the countertop. Not sure if a builder can deliver on their promises. Ask them for a list of references. Call those references and ask questions about how well the builder advised them in the lead up to construction.

One Company Running the Show

Even custom home companies subcontract a few things, such as plumbing system installation and wiring. That often stems from regulations. Most towns and cities require that you use licensed electricians for wiring and breaker box installation on new construction to meet code requirements. Even minor plumbing projects often require a permit from your city and a licensed plumber for the same reason. For the rest of the project, though, you get the same company and people working on your home. That dramatically enhances accountability for both excellent work and problems. In other words, you always know who to thank and who to blame.

A Custom Home Builder Creates Your Dream

An existing home or prebuilt home can serve a function, but they’re rarely someone’s dream. A custom home builder creates your dream from the ground up. They take your ideas and requirements and draft plans until they make you happy. Then, they advise you on the best and, quite often, most economical way of achieving that dream. They can even help you pick out vendors and suppliers who provide quality products and materials. Xpand, Inc. specializes in building custom homes in the Minneapolis area. If you’re thinking that a custom home is right for you, contact Xpand, INC. today for more information about our services. 

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