Want to Feel Luxurious? Well There is No Better Way to Start Than With Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring!

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Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is a flooring that has become extremely popular lately. In Fact, its the fastest growing type of flooring worldwide currently!

So what is LVT? LVT is a form of hard wood flooring, with a wide range of design options, and can replicate the look of natural stone, or wood.

LVT is a layered flooring, it has 5 different layers that make up each tile.


  1. Polyurethane coating.
  2. Protective clear coating, also known as the wear layer.
  3. Print film layer.
  4. Vinyl core.
  5. The tile backing.


So How come LVT is so popular? Lets break it down!

  • Has combined benefits of most other hard flooring, without the added hassle of complex maintenance needs.


  • Aesthetic and functionality are both of top ratings. Giving great versatility in the environment its placed in.


  • Maintenance of LVT is simple. Natural wood or stone flooring are known for their complex maintenance requirements where as LVT flooring has built in protection as one of its 5 layers. For the most part, there is no waxing or polishing required, just the occasional mopping.


  • Can last up to 10 years depending on the thickness of the wear layer.


  • The wide range of designs that are available, allow integration into almost any setting. The design layer, also known as the film layer, is actually under the wear layer, preventing damage to the aesthetic of the tiles.


  • Quick installation! Generally it only takes about half as long to install compared to other types of flooring. The LVT can also be glued, or floated down.


  • Due to the material in LTV, it has a warm to the touch feeling, making the space more comfortable, while also absorbing sounds to allow for a more peaceful atmosphere.


LVT is a great option for most any space and should be considered thoroughly. This type of tile flooring isn’t one of the top forms of flooring for nothing!

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