Is your home feeling a little dated and needs a complete makeover? We can do a few things without doing a full makeover. It all starts with paint, painting can update an old door full of scratches and stains into something that you are proud to have in your home. Cabinets that are old and outdated can have an awakening and be something everyone wants. Paint is the best way to change the look of your home. Not just the walls either, but kitchen cabinets, trim, and doors can change your home drastically with no need for all new items. 

5 Easy Things To Update With Paint

After Photos Shako House-5

Kitchen cabinets- Painting wood-tone cabinets to a new color is a way to transform your kitchen without doing a full remodel. 

Bathroom Vanities- Just like the cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom vanities are the same. Updating the colors of a smaller bathroom is a simple way to add value and new life to a room. 

Doors-  Whether it is the main door or room doors throughout the house, updating color and doors is an easy way to bring in a new feeling to the home. 

Baseboards and Trim-  Whether you want to add all new trim or just paint the existing trim, it will help to update and making it look fresh and clean. 

Built-ins- Your first instinct might be to just rip them out, but before you go down that path, consider painting them! If you have high-quality, sturdy built-ins, with a nice, clean design, a fresh coat of paint might be all that’s needed to bring those built-ins back to life and update the entire look of the space.

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