Twin Cities Home-Lifts Are Becoming Plausible!

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A recent article in the StarTribune gives a spotlight to the option of a home remodel.

It’s become apparent that most homeowners in the Twin Cities are choosing to remodel their homes and stay put, rather than venture into the housing market and uproot.

These decisions seem to be backed by the difficulty in finding decent housing options on the market, as well as the desire to not leave their current communities, as well as the home listings being close to an all-time low!

People have reported the difficulties of getting a hold of good remodeling companies, due to their increased workloads popping up. However that’s where we come in! Xpand Inc treats everyone as valued family members, so you can place your trust in our work ethic!

Now if your one of those mentioned home owners looking to remodel instead of uproot, then be sure to give us a call and inquire about our many home services! Whether it be building a home from the ground up, or making your kitchen into an open concept kitchen, we can do it! No job is too big nor too small for us! Lets Xpand your home to its fullest potential!

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