Tips for organizing and decreasing clutter in your garage!


Can’t find what your looking for?

  • Try adding some metal shelves or cabinets. You have all this wall space, use it!
  • Grab some plastic totes or something of the sort and use them to keep similar items together.
  • Grab some hooks to add to your wall for your brooms, shovels, ect.

Safety! chemical symbols

  • Store your chemicals in a locked cabinet or on a high shelf to keep away from children and or pets.
  • Gas grills contain propane tanks, which could leak. One spark could set off an explosion. Anything with propane should be stored at least 10 feet away from the house.
  • Ladders can be a hazard. Try putting your ladder on hooks on the wall or laying horizontally on the floor.
  • Some people use rugs to soak up liquids from underneath their cars. This an extreme fire hazard! Try using saw dust or cat litter instead.

DIY screw-storage-garage-hack

  • Old jars can be perfect for storing stuff like screws. Try screwing the lid of your jar to the bottom of a shelf. This can save you a ton of space !
  • Use a pegboard to store and hang your tools! If you want try drawing an outline around your tools. That way you know which ones are missing.