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Some people are born with a natural talent for designing, but we know that’s not everyone. Even for those of us who live and breathe interior design, some guidance and inspiration never hurt. Making a little effort to understand the basic principles of decoration, from finding the perfect color scheme to the right furniture choice will get you one step closer to creating the space you’ve always wished you had.

Here are five excellent tips and lessons on decorating a new home more effectively and efficiently:

Selecting a color scheme for walls

The selection of wall paint is one of the most essential and cost-effective decisions you can start with. Right paint choices smoothly connect spaces. Choose colors like grey or beige, especially on the first floor for a perfect transition and flow. Sudden transitions should be minimized, as they can be jarring and disconnect rooms from the rest of the home. Neutral colored walls provide you the greatest flexibility while decoration, allowing you to easily change or modify your accessories.

Adding character with wallpaper

Adding wallpapers in mundane areas can really brighten up the space experience. Creating transition in spaces like pantries, hallways, and powder rooms is an instant level up. A bit of spice with wallpaper in a space that is often forgotten (like the laundry room) breaks the mundanity and adds excitement, so that it is no longer as easy to forget.

Use visual tricks for ceilings to look higher

Painting your room white will add an element of spaciousness, thus eliminating that claustrophobic feeling from the room.

  • In a low-height room, create an illusion of a high ceiling by using tall furniture pieces.
  • Hang curtains a few inches higher than the windows, to trick your eye into thinking the windows are taller, hence, the room is taller.

Fuse high and low-end pieces

It’s not necessary to buy only high-end pieces for your home. Consider buying on the bases of comfort, design, or how that purchase works for your needs.  Sometimes the most economical objects add more depth and soul to your interior design. Don’t be afraid to blend both high and low price products. In addition, a blend of antique and modern pieces never tires.

Scale artwork to your wall

It’s essential to hang art in a perfect proportion with the wall. A dinky little sized art on a high wall is a turn off for most designs. The basic understanding of scaling with a balance is most important.

  • The center of a picture or painting should be hanged at eye level.
  • For a large wall, one big piece of art or smaller pieces, gallery-style, works well. In the case of smaller pieces, they should be 2 to 4 inches apart.

Fix rugs under furniture

A few basic rules should be followed when putting a rug on your floor:

In a living room, the four legs of your couch or chairs should be on the rug, for a definitive sitting area. If not four, at least two front legs of the chairs and couches should rest on the rug. A small rug can make the place look out of proportion, so use multiple small rugs and have them be matching in some manner, to make it look more proportionate in the room.

Creating a lighting design:

A blend of lighting for every room provides perfect illumination for space.

  • Ambient lighting: Lights up the whole space and are often affixed through ceiling fixtures.
  • Task lighting: Provides a localized light in a particular task area like a book reading spot.
  • Accent lighting: These are used to highlight the architectural features of your home, as the art on walls and objects in the room.

You can also play with the light by placing a torchiere or recessed light in the corner, which will cast a glow on the ceiling, making space looks bigger. (Which can drive the value up a notch when selling)

Design your home to fit your needs

The process of decorating your home is exciting and challenging at the same time. Regardless of the type of space, the goal should be to showcase your design aesthetic in a tasteful way. Express your creativity by focusing on little details that add weight to particular points of interest in your home, to further increase its design power and style, while also enhancing the perceived value of the home.

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