The Incredible Benefits of a Covered Three Season Porch

Americans are spending more time at home, whether working or for leisure. Are you one of the many people looking to enjoy your time at home on your covered deck? Adding a three-season porch to your home makes better use of the space in your backyard and gives you more freedom to enjoy your house! 

There are many benefits to a three-season covered porch, including enjoying additional seasons, adding living space, and boosting your home’s value. Construction won’t take long. You’ll be enjoying your new room in no time!

Check out these benefits of a covered porch.

A Covered Porch and Enjoying Additional Seasons

The warm weather and summer months are great times to enjoy your covered porch as an outdoor entertainment area. It’s one of the big porch benefits – sunshine, warm air, and a cool evening breeze. 

But what about porch benefits other times of the year? A cold spring rain or chilly autumn breeze will chase you and your guests inside.

covered porch maximizes your outdoor entertainment by allowing people to enjoy your porch during odd times of the year. Choosing an all-season porch will enable you to entertain in times other than the summer.

Additional Living Space

Choosing a porch suitable for year-round living means you have another place in the home for outdoor entertainment or to relax by yourself. Living rooms get cramped, and basements get damp. When you incorporate a porch usable for spring and autumn, give yourself more space in your home.

Perhaps your home didn’t come with a lot of square footage or usable space. You can incorporate a porch and make it your home! Add great furniture, a television, or create a reading room full of books and magazines.

Do you have guests staying with you throughout the year? Perhaps you need the extra space for unexpected family or a slumber party for the kids. 

Add Value to Your Home

Adding a three-season covered porch adds value to your home. Experts argue a three-season room can give you nearly a 50-percent return on your investment. 

To maximize the value, you’ll need to use a lot of glass to let in a lot of light. Your contractor may have to pour additional concrete or do more work for the foundation. Your porch might not be sturdy, so you’ll need reinforcements. 

Work with an architect and interior designer to maximize the space. You want to make sure the room is as comfortable as it can be! 

Benefits of a Three-Season Porch

Enjoying additional seasons, adding more living space, and adding value to your home are all benefits of a three-season covered porch. Enjoy your home by adding a comfortable living space with family and friends!

Adding a 3 season porch means contacting a qualified expert. Contact us today to guide you through the process of a great covered porch for your home!

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