Hibernate this winter in your new cave dwelling! Basement remodels for an entertaining season!

Get cozy this winter with a basement remodel to fulfill all your entertainment needs! Commonly known as man caves, we like to branch out and give it an alternative name, the women’s retreat.

Basement remodels can be a fantastic way to liven up the opportunities available in your home! Giving your basement the aesthetic you’ve always wanted will ensure a wonderful time inside during those cold, dry wind, snow-filled days!

Before setting out to make an overly zealous list for the remodel, we have got some tips for you to consider!

  • Keep the basement light filled and positively bright!
    The basement can quickly become a location that serves an atmosphere of solitude and hermit like tendencies, but that’s no good for anyone! Ensure the basement has strong lighting that enhances the color of the objects and walls around it! Lighting has a strong correlation with mood, so lights that replicate natural sunlight the closest would be best! Don’t let the season bring your mood down!
  •  Get creative! This is your private get away! Be as nerdy or meticulous as you want with the details and have some fun! You could, for example, install a section of the basement to be a little movie theater escape room! The chairs could be leather like the real movie theaters and have a wide screen with a projector! But don’t stop there! Design those seats how you want! They could be reminiscent of race cars with the design, or maybe have a strong outer space feel! The mind is the limit!
  • Themes! When designing your basement, you have a few options. Stick with one theme throughout the entire space, or break it up into different themes based on the room! For example, consider one room to be more of a lounge and socialize area, filled with calm cool colors and strong decorative pieces reminiscent of the 70’s-80’s. Or An entire basement made to bring forth an atmosphere that brings retro video games back into the future! (see what i did there?)
  • Move on up in the world! Literally! These areas of retreat don’t need to be held withing the basement, that’s just where they originated. It’s totally acceptable to have the retreat become the first location that is entered in a home! Make the ground level of the home a place of leisure and relaxation so that as soon as you walk in, you can begin unwinding and thaw out! (warning, winter brings frozen limbs, a fireplace is recommended)
  • Commonly installed in basements for a strong social setting is some form of bar. This can be a great place for conversations and a few drinks before moving to the movie theater room or lounge! Think of the bar as a separate room as well, planning the theme around it to be cohesive with the bar!
  • Consider the flow of the basement! Don’t pack it super tight with fun gadgets and entertainment centers, be aware of the space you have available and the orientation of the objects in the room/s. Also consider the elevations of bars and counters for example. This can give a strong sense of intimacy within the room!
  • Consider the functionality of the basement. Do you want this place to be a strong social gathering place, a study basement, to relax and work on hobbies/the gaining of knowledge, or a basement that fulfills the needs of everything you ever wanted so you never have to leave? This should be something to consider first and foremost before designing your basement. You don’t want to have a basement to be the jack of all trades, but master of none!
  • Cave or no cave? Don’t limit your creativity based on stereotypical examples of basement ideas/layouts! Your basement doesn’t need to feel closed off to the rest of the home, it can be a place that is transitioned into from different levels of the home!
  • Lastly, lets consider for a moment the idea of a cave, in the attic! That’s right, just like before, you can actually have the basement ideas in a different location! Consider the options available to you for a basement remodel, and then take those ideas and try to apply them to other locations of your home to see which floor of the house it would work best!

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We hope you have some ideas flowing for some great additions/remodels! Give us a call and let us help you, be ready for the coming seasons and really get the most out of your home!

The Man Cave

man cave

Increasing in popularity, the man cave is becoming one of the more desired rooms a homeowner can design. It’s called a man cave but it can be great for the whole family! Everyone can retreat to a sanctuary to relax after a long day of work, or invite friends over to gather for the big game and enjoy a ice cold beer. All man caves are different and can be designed to incorporate into your lifestyle, hobbies and interests. Add a game room for weekly poker games or a media room for all your sporting and movie watching needs. Start envisioning your very own man cave with some of these great ideas.

Basement Bar

Forget heading to your local sports bar to watch the game with overpriced drinks. Invite your friends over to your very own bar and enjoy the game from the comfort of your home. Basement bars and wine cellars create a space that is both inviting and perfect for entertaining friends and family after a long day of work. Warm colors create a masculine look that is sure to help you leave your worries behind.
basement bar

Entertainment system

If a relaxing night at the movies is more of your thing, create an at home movie theater with a big screen and some nice recliners. Catch up on your favorite television series or kick back and watch the latest box office hit. Why pay big bucks at the movie theater when you can have your own just a few steps away? This can combo very nicely with a basement bar as well for those big games!
movies in home

Game room

A game room can be the perfect addition to your cave. You can invite the guys over for a poker tournament or a night of casual pool. Designing a game room creates a space for you to entertain guests and catch up with old friends. Also could be a great place to get some good family time in.
game room, man cave

Sporting decor

If your a big sports guy or family, this one could be for you. This can incorporate into any of the ideas above. Hang your memorabilia up all over the walls. Frame jerseys and posters or show off your latest collectible. Use custom built shelves to maximize space!

For the music lover

Maybe your a huge music lover. Create a space to let loose and rock out. An area to play and store all your instruments is a fun way to keep up with those musical talents. Incorporate sound proof walls and play as loud as you want with out disturbing the rest of the house or neighbors. You can even go all out and create your own little studio that is bound to make all your college band mates jealous.
music room man cave

Outdoors man

Man caves don’t have to be restricted to the indoors. An outdoor man cave is great opportunity to turn some backyard space into your own getaway area. This could also depend on where you live too. A top of the line grill, outdoor seating, and even an outdoor big screen to watch the game could be the perfect hang out space for a summer night. Install a fire pit to make great use of space for those chillier football Sundays.

Maybe a garage is more of your thing! A lot of these ideas could definitely be incorporated into a garage setting. The possibilities are endless.


With all of these of course it is possible to mesh them together. You don’t just have to choose one. Let Xpand Inc., help bring your dreams to life! Contact us today to get moving on your next man cave !

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