7 Things to Add to “The Cave”

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Whether it is big or small, a garage outside, or a closet in the basement; a man cave can come in any shape or size. A man cave is a space to show a side of our true selves. Many caves give guys the space to enjoy football, peace and quiet to relax, or just to sit and hang out.

Designing your man cave, you will absolutely need to have these 7 items:

  • Recliner: Comfy chairs are a must for any movie or game viewing you plan on doing in your cave! Leather recliners are excellent options for messy eaters or drinkers in your cave. 


  • TV: Did you know the best time to buy a TV is during the Super Bowl? Many people assume it’s Black Friday but the best sales occur after the new year has begun. Sales start as early as January and will run until just after the Big Game in February. The sweet spot for savings is on 49-inch to 65-inch television sets. Don’t forget to consider speaker options as well while you shop for your new TV.


  • Bar: Installing a bar is a great way to keep the party going without having to leave for the kitchen. You don’t have to fill it with alcohol either- many are opting for juice bars, coffee bars, or actual mini kitchens complete with running water and of course a fridge!


  • Fridge: It’s nice to have cold drinks and snacks on game day! Consider how much snacking or drinking you plan on doing in your space and use that to decide the size of the fridge you need. 


  • Personal Touches: Make your space yours with your own personal touches! Add photos of family and friends, choose a rug that shows off your personality (or favorite sports team), or fill your space with your favorite books or games. What ever you decide, don’t be afraid to show who you are and what you are interested in. 


  • Dart Board: Everyone loves bar games and while having a pool table or foosball table can be fun they can take up a lot of space. Consider a dart board instead! It can easily hang on a wall and be played without creating a huge mess. 


  • Extra seating: It wouldn’t be too fun of a man cave without inviting your friends over so make sure there is enough seating for everyone! 


  • Wall Art: Wall art is the final step for customizing your mancave. The room is not complete without sports memorabilia, videogame and movie posters, or some rustic wooden signs talking about how manly your man cave is. 


It is a very good chance that this will be the only room that you have complete design control over. Take advantage of this! Add as many personal touches as you please, but don’t forget these 7 essential items to make the best man cave ever!

Reach out to our team of experts to start building the ultimate man cave today!

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