Get Your Man Cave Game on Point With These Seven Essentials

Whether it is big or small, a garage outside, or a closet in the basement, a man cave can come in any shape or size. A man cave is a space to show a side of our true selves. Many caves give guys the space to enjoy football, peace and quiet to relax, or just to sit and hang out. Designing your man cave, you will absolutely need to have these 7 items.

  • Recliner
  • TV
  • Bar
  • Fridge
  • Personal Touches
  • Dart Board
  • Extra seating
  • Wall Art

It is a very good chance that this will be the only room that you have complete design control over. Take advantage of this. Add as many personal touches as you please, but don’t forget these 7 essential items to make the best man cave ever!