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10 quick tips to ensure a healthy home!

Home is where the heart is! But often times home is also where the unhealthy habits or situations may occur! We have 10 quick tips to help keep your home a place of positive health!

Let’s start!

  1. Barrier between the bedding and you!
    Make sure your using dust-proof casings for all your pillows and mattresses. These casings have such small pores that dust mites and their waste product cannot get through! This benefits your skin and overall health!
  2. HEPA Filters
    HEPA filters in a vacuum prevent dust from being blown back out into the air spreading the very thing your trying to get rid of! This will helps improve the air quality of the home as well as keep sicknesses down for the kids and parents!
  3. Changing the AC filters
    Always ensure your heating and AC have a filter installed before use. The lack of a filter can cause some serious health issues down the line. Be sure to change the filters at the very least every 3 months to ensure an efficient and top notch air quality!
  4. Venting the bathroom
    Bathrooms are naturally humid environments and in saying so, there needs to be a ventilation fan to help prolong the life of the bathroom. Make sure the ventilation fan runs to the outdoors, this will help remove the moisture in the air and ensure a long lifespan of the room and all things inside.
  5. Gutter maintenance
    Keep up on the security of your gutters through the seasons. A clogged gutter can lead to a flooded basement or crawlspaces. You can get gutter covers to help reduce the debris that enters.
  6. Textiles in the bedroom
    Textiles can be great aesthetic options, however all the rugs, carpets, pillows and other dust catchers can cause some serious issues with health and allergies as well as increase the time it takes to dust the room!
  7. Allergy instigators
    To help combat those pesky allergies, let’s ensure allergens aren’t being invited into the home. Checking your yard for wind pollinated plants and removing them can save you a big headache and puffy eyes. Grasses are one of the worst pollen triggers for allergies.
  8. Musty management
    Trust your sense of smell. If your in the home and you detect a musty smell, be sure to investigate. Mold can be a serious problem if it’s allowed to develop, so find it’s location ASAP and save yourself the trouble!
  9. Organize the dust
    Clutter is a safe-haven for dust mites. Be sure to organize your home office and other work spaces to prevent dust from settling.
  10.  Keep shoes under control
    Wearing shoes in the home is a health risk and can increase the allergen count in the home. When returning to the home, take off your shoes outside or put them into a washable tray as soon as you walk into the home!

That does it for today’s quick healthy home tips! Have a wonderful day and keep those homes safe and healthy!

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Summer humidity and how it affects your home!

Summer is a beautiful time, full of fun in the sun and an overall increase in leisurely activities. However summer is also known for its intense weather conditions, especially humidity! Humidity can affect us in more ways than we know, especially concerning your home!

humidity is the accumulation of water vapor in the air, that reaches past a threshold and becomes physically noticeable.

How this affects you and your home:

  • Allergies! one of the most commonly faced life issues across the world, has an increased effect when high humidity rolls in. Above 55% humidity homes tend to becomes central locations for allergens like mold, dust, and fungal bacteria. To counteract this, be sure to keep and eye on the weather and plan accordingly by sprucing up your home and sweeping away those dust-mites, scrubbing away that mold and so on! Don’t let your home become something other than a place of peace and joy!


  • Increase in energy consumption! Due to the home becoming a warmer place, we tend to use our handy dandy air units to cool off the home. However due to the perceived heat being hotter than it actually is, with  relative humidity, we tend to put extra stress on the AC unit, which amps up the bill! However as we know, stone accents on the exterior can help up save money on our home by keeping the temperature down naturally!


  • Damages to your home! Excess amounts of moisture in the air can warp wood floors, peel paint, and wallpaper, and even stain walls and ceilings which can cause an unwelcome odor. These repairs can rack up the bills quickly, so be sure to keep an eye on how much moisture is getting into your home and plan accordingly!


Some quick simple ways to deal with humidity in your home!

  • Use vents that are specifically for a room that is the access point for the humidity, or is becoming humid the fastest, to help mitigate the spread and maintain that room.
  • If the option is available, try to get yours hands on a house humidifier, that alone can help immensely with control throughout the home.
  • Install a small weather station to better track the temp and humidity levels in the home.
  • Keep indoor humidity to around 30-40% during the summer and 45-55% during the winter months.
  • Fans help move air throughout the home which can stabilize humidity levels!

We hope this information can help you prevent some future home frustrations! Give us a call today and see what we can do for you and your home! Or just to say hello! 

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