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Summer Is Here and Fire Pits Are In!

Fire pit,

Summer is here and so are those nice cool summer nights. Give your backyard a new look by adding a modern firepit. Fire pits can create a remarkable focal point in almost any backyard setting and there are many different options to choose from. The most common fire pits are ones that are portable and have little to no construction, but there are many more options available as well.

There is the metal fire pit bowls which usually include a mesh cover to contain sparks and embers. These could be wood fired or gas fired, running on natural gas or propane. When you have these types of fire pits, the metal does heat up, so it’s important to supervise if there is children and pets around.

Fire tables offer up something a little different. They have the usual bowl shape for the burning area, but the edging around the bowl is wide enough where it serves as a table surface. The table surface could be granite, slate, marble, etc…

fire pit

Fire glass is beginning to be a popular choice for filling fire pans. Fire glass is tempered glass that has been broken down and treated to make different finishes. The glass comes in different sizes and may or may not have a hue to it. The finishes can be reflective to reflect flames and sunlight, which is a tempered glass bead. Smooth fire glass flames appear to flow throughout the burner pan giving it a liquid look. You can add stones or ceramic balls or rocks to the pit to transform the look.

To really make your fire pit stand out, you could consider pairing a gas- fueled flame, lava rock or fire glass with steel logs that look like the real thing. The steel logs radiate and release heat, much like a fire fueled from wood would do. If you have a ring burner , most would recommend pairing steel logs, to create the look of a traditional camp fire.

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