Some Clever Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom!

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Fill that empty space on your walls with some gorgeous art work, extra storage, and lush plants

  • Re-purposed wine box
    -Add some warmth to an all white room with an old wine box, that not only add a nice touch to your room but can also act as a nice storage container.
  • Simple shelves with some small plants 
    -Simple wood shelves can add ample storage for stuff like toilet paper, towels and other bathroom essentials. Some household plants can help add some color and life to the room.
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  • Themed artwork 
    -Pick something you really love and tie all your art work to that theme!
  • Eye catching wallpaper 
    -Bypass the artwork and décor and cover the walls in some intriguing wall paper. Careful with this one though.
  • Tiny plants 
    -If you don’t have much space for shelves or artwork because of a small window, try adding some low maintenance plants to the windowsill.
  • Country style 
    -A wire basket and an old farm sign are great additions if that’s the style your looking for.

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