Sky Lights in Your Home, Yay or Nay?

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Skylights can be the perfect setting for a rainy day, blizzard, storm, you name it! Skylights have the ability to really let you gaze and wonder at the parts of nature that aren’t so fun to be in! Aside from that, its great for clear starry nights and bright beautiful days!

The natural lighting a skylight allows into the home can be a huge impact on the feeling of a room. Allowing the possibility for warmth, even when cold, to run through a room and add to a strong home-y aesthetic. Aside from aesthetics, there is a more psychological benefit! The natural light during winter can help fight Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and bring a stronger uplifting mood into a person! Rather than living in a dim, artificially lit room, that can be detrimental for long periods of time, this allows for an alternative during the harsh seasons!

While the climate is cold, a skylight can actually benefit by bringing solar heat into the home! To make this noticeably effective, be sure to ask about the solar heat gain coefficient!

Skylights also have a variety of functional options! For example, they can provide natural ventilation with a hinged-style skylight, or even a remote controlled skylight. There are also skylights have have rain sensors and will automatically close when a storm is near! Skylights can be flat, domed, fixed and even vented! And to wrap it up, skylights also are a stronger material, allowing the ability to withstand impact due to its location and the possible projectiles that fly around in storms.

Skylights can be a great companion to your home, helping to keep a strong presence in nature for aesthetics, as well as psychological health benefits.  This sure looks like a “Yay” situation to me!

Give us a call today and inquire about skylights in your dream home, and any other home additions! A family run business, looking out for your family! 

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