Safety Features Every House Should Have

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When it comes to safety nowadays, it’s very crucial for every house to install safety features. Whether you’re a homeowner or you’re looking to buy a new house, safety features are a very important thing to consider. In this article, you will learn some of the important safety features that every house should have.

The Essential Home Safety Features:

1. Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are an essential part of a fire escape plan. In case of a fire outbreak, the smoke spreads faster giving you early warnings. To work effectively, install fire alarms in every room. Make sure that they are interconnected. Always make sure that your fire alarms are well maintained and functioning.

2. GFCI Outlets and Outlet Covers

Electrical accidents cause hundreds of deaths in America every year. To prevent this from happening in your house, GFCI outlets are installed near all water sources. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters monitor the flow electric current in the circuit and trips a breaker if it senses any short circuits.

3. Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas produced by burning charcoal, wood, propane or gasoline. Since it’s an odorless and colorless gas, it is very hard to detect it. Therefore, it’s important to install carbon monoxide detectors in your house. This will warn you in the event of a carbon monoxide issue.

4. Exit Door

If you have children, it’s important to make sure that your house has an emergency exit door. This will make it easy for all of you to evacuate the house in case of an emergency like a fire or an earthquake. If your house is a multi-story building, make sure that there is an emergency ladder.

5. Fire Extinguisher 

This is another important safety tool for every house. If you know how to use it, you should have it fixed in your house. It should be placed at a strategic place where it will be easily accessible in case of a fire outbreak. Make sure that it is always filled.

Safety features in your house may seem like a money-sponge, but trust anyone who has had an incident in their home, these safety features are necessary and some of them a part of building code already.

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