When Minnesota can get the best of you and your home

Minnesota weather is like an 8th grader, moody and ever changing at the drop of a hat. That’s where Xpand,Inc. is there to help you, when the weather is unpredictable. We all prepare ourselves for when Mother Nature hits us the hardest, but sometimes she wins. Xpand, Inc, and Homes of Xcellence is there to help clean up the mess. We have the tools, knowledge, and years of experience that is needed to make your home better again.
Here at Xpand,Inc. our storm experts will walk you through the sometimes complicated process that it can be to assess the damages, filing a claim, then taking care of the damage quickly, so you can enjoy your home.

Our storm experts can also help you decide which plan is best. If the storm damage is treated, they will help you know the most information so you can make the best choice for you, your home, and your wallet.

At Xpand, Inc. we can help with your roof, sidings, gutters, fascia, windows, and garage doors. We can also help with interior remodels when things get really messy.

Just remember there 3 simple things when you have damage to you.
·      Grab your phone! Take pictures of everything. Just Remember to be cautious, watch out for high water, and downed power lines.
·      Check for leaks. If water and wind are getting in, be proactive, and repair the leaks the best you can.
·      Keep those receipts. If you are needing to buy or rent supplies to clean up after a storm, make sure to keep all the paperwork.
·      Call your insurance company soon and often. It is important to get in contact with insurance agent as soon as possible. Scammers will show up unannounced and promise to get the work done. Make sure you are in close contact with your insurer and report all suspicious activity.
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