5 Porch and Patio Ideas for Any Home

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A Back Patio is the ideal place to get together, have a BBQ, or just enjoy nature. Luckily, making the perfect little outdoor space for your home is more straightforward than you might think. Whether you want to tidy up your current porch or need to add one, here is a list of designs and ideas that will set your yard above your neighbors’.

Stone Paver Patio: If land is scarce, then you may want to consider just changing a portion of your present yard space instead of constructing a raised porch. Make your space feel more inviting by replacing grass with some stone pavers. Plan out an arrangement ahead of time so you know what you want. You can cut out cardboard or paper to get the layout prepared.

Add a Pergola: You can add an additional area to your home with a charming little pergola. You can build a pergola on both a raised wooden porch or a ground-level stone pave porch. By not raising the porch, you will save some time by not having to expand your current porch or patio. Pergolas are the best tool to define your outdoor space and have enough structure to feel like a complete room without feeling limited. Adding small touch ups like lighting or curtains will be sure to keep guests around for their stay.

Wood Porch w/ Curtains: Not every wood porch should be grand. This space might be small, however with cleverly placed furniture, comfort pillows, and curtains you can make it feel like a backyard getaway. By utilizing the curtain for privacy instead of a wall it will be easier to extend the space.

Backyard Privacy Bench: The best way to maximize the area is the clever utilization of a permanent bench. Make your railing or privacy screen dual purpose by installing a snug spot to sit and sip some tea. By eliminating furniture clutter, you will be able to take full advantage of even the most cramped space.

White Porch: This type of porch makes the area look more open by sticking to a light color. Painting your porch white and having some outdoor accessories will help the space feel unified. Go easy on the decorations; Just add a few potted plants and seating.

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