Out With the Old, in With the New!

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Our homes age, just as fast as we do, however in their sense, the functionality and visual appeal begin to fade. This is when we often start to consider renovations of the home, to update and reinvigorate the home. We want to walk into a place that feels current and welcoming again, so lets get to that place.

When it comes to renovations we sometimes consider new rooms or stress over the decision of altering a rooms function. We don’t need to alter the primary function of the room, we just need to upgrade it!

  • Kitchen- Quit possible the center of the home and main social environment. When upgrading this room a coat of paint can go a long way. Identify the parts of the kitchen that need to be gutted for it’s lacking functionality or irreparable surface. Re-surface the cabinets and backsplash to something more modern and in the times, this will prevent the feeling of time warp when you walk into the home, and even bring an atmosphere of luxury into the air.
  • Bathroom-  You don’t need to relocate plumbing lines and change the entire layout of a bathroom to bring it into the 21st century. Consider the alteration of the surfaces available. Changing a few separate counter spaces into one whole surface space could really change the way the room feels. If your still feeling a bit boxed in, why not consider removing cabinet doors and just keep the drawers as the only move-able parts in the counter. This will help add a minimalized  energy to the space, which in turn will make the room feel less cluttered.
  • Fireplaces- We all know that home that is till rocking the cabin-esque stonewall fireplace. This isn’t a bad thing, but there are other options, if you want them. If your looking to replace your fireplace why not think about a modern twist on an old fashioned fireplace? A strong contender for such a thing would be wood-stove fireplace. The wood-stove fireplaces you find now are modernized in their functions and performance but still keep the timeless charm. If you want to add a little nifty section to the wood-stove, why not add a stashing area underneath it to hold some cut logs? This will keep the logs nice and dry and ready for those cold winter nights!


That’s all we have for today! We hope there are some thought provoking ideas that have struck a cord for you! Give us a call when you have those ideas conceptualized and let us help you build that dream home together!

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