Nursery Room and Baby Tips!

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If you are lucky enough to be adding an extra to the family this coming winter, I’m certain you are stressing about the room that will be dedicated to that soon-to-be. A nursery room is supposed to be the safest location for the baby and have nothing but positive affects on the little bugger. So what should be considered when babying up a room?

Let’s break it down!


The new born baby will spend most of it’s time in here staring at a never changing ceiling. This room needs to be well thought out, from the lighting, to the noise, to create the least stressful environment as possible. To do this, it is important to consider all of the senses. When considering the light, it’s best to have forms of light that are natural, but not intense, something more subdued. This room also needs to have as much stillness as possible, so very little traffic should come through here, which means nothing of need should be stored in here that will require you to go in and out of this room often. Consider the placement of the furniture that works best with the needs of you and the baby, this will ensure a more peaceful environment, rather than a jungle gym. Once the child actually comes into the room, there may be a need to adjust things to make it a comfortable location for the both of you.

Baby furniture

The furniture you have will require some familiarization, to ensure smooth functionality in the moment of need, rather than struggle and increased screams. Become familiar with the bassinet and how it works, this will be an essential tool in the early stages of babyhood because it allows transportation of the sleeping bug, for a watchful eye. After the first four or five months, it’s time for the infamous crib. When choosing a crib, ensure it satisfies all safety regulations so that your child cant slip through the slates like Maggie in the Simpsons. Information on the new regulations and suggestions for cribs can be found here.

Sleeping arrangements

Since your baby will be sleeping most of it’s early life, it’s important to know the safety tips.

  • “Back to sleep”- always make sure your baby is placed on it’s back while sleeping, to avoid the possibility of the worst case scenario, SIDS (Sudden Baby Death Syndrome)
  • A firm and flat sleeping surface so the baby can sleep better and healthier.
  • fluffy pillows, crib bumpers, blankets, and toys should never be place in the crib with the child.
  • Do not use sleep-position devices. They may prove to endanger your child rather than help.
  • Zipper sleepers are a great way to keep your child warm, but ensure it is not possible for it to be pulled up and over the child’s face.


Having a child can be a wonderful experience if you have thoroughly prepared with the gaining of knowledge and mental confidence! There is more important aspects to consider than what is laid out here, so be sure to keep scouring the web for important aspects of nurseries and babies health! Also, congratulations!

Be sure to give us a call if you have any questions about remodels for the nursery to ensure a larger space, or better noise cancellation options, not to mention lighting options!

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