Looking for Bathroom Addition Ideas? What About a New Shower?

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Bathrooms are essential, we all know that, so in turn, its essential that the bathrooms have a strong, aesthetic flow and functionality!

A great option for a new bathroom addition, is a curb-less walk-in shower! Showers come in many forms, either being a shower/tub or a shower with a sitting bench, both of which can take up good chunks of room in the bathroom. So how does a curb-less walk-in shower differ from the others? Lets take a look at the list!

Curb-less walk-in showers:

  • In terms of functionality, curb-less walk-in showers allow accessibility to literally everyone! These forms of showers are wheel chair accessible thanks to the lack of curbing.


  • Curb-less walk-in showers can take advantage of former shower bases and wet room systems, of which can be installed directly on a joist of a home!


  • Cleaning, believe it or not can actually become an easier task with the lacking curb. There is no longer something in the way, making hard to reach spaces, and allows for easier movement. Simple but effective.


  • Along with the cleaning aspect, if you have a shower head that is handheld and with a hose, it can make cleaning the shower very easy, reducing the physical strain on the body even!


  • Aesthetics! A curb-less walk-in shower doesn’t have a physical barrier, negating the possibility of hiding an appealing stone flooring, allowing for a more luxurious atmosphere!


  • Due to the showers design, its easy to manage the amount of space it takes up! Possibly allowing for other bathroom additions, but certainly ensuring efficient use of the space!


  • Keeping costs down can actually be easy with this shower design, eliminating the shower door and handle is a valid option!


Give us a call today and ask us about our shower design options! While your at it inquire about our other services! Let us help build your dream home!

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