Kitchen Remodels and Design Changes!

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Are you tired of the design and feel of your kitchen? I think it’s time you think about a remodel! Give that old kitchen design a rejuvenated style!

Kitchens are often considered the heart of a home, so if the heart isn’t a place you want to be, it’s time for a change! That’s not to say your kitchen needs a gutting and to be completely redone, even a couple changes here and there can really make a big difference! So what are your options and how do you start?

Let’s break it down!

  • First it is important to consider the rooms around the kitchen and their aesthetics! The kitchen is the heart, so everything else should feel similar and cohesive! Match the style of the kitchen with those other rooms if you can, or do some form of appealing contrast!


  • Little touches can go a long way. You don’t need to install completely new cupboards or islands! Adding a new coat of paint can really bring out a positive and warm vibe from the kitchen. Generally, white has been the top color choice for kitchens, however gray is making a strong contender for that top spot! Both colors tend to compliment all the other colors, so consider them!


  • Consider functionality! Maybe your current kitchen doesn’t appeal to you right now because the cabinets and drawers are in some poor locations for your needs. Redesigning the layout of your kitchen while keeping the same style is another strong option that can really help you enjoy the kitchen and its benefits! You may also consider looking into the newer forms of kitchen cabinets and see if there are any appealing new designs!


  • Back to color, it’s good to consider the accent colors in the kitchen and how they affect the way you see that space. A nice green hue around the sink can bring a fresh feeling and push away any thoughts of scraps that are thrown into it. Colors can redefine the way we see objects and spaces in the kitchen and make the more unpleasant areas seem more appealing! This can also work for the garbage can believe it or not!


  • Bold and brave! The fixtures of the kitchen can have some really stand-out designs and are generally a strong focal point for guests and the family alike. Consider maximizing on these focal points and their interaction with the space, they will more than likely become a topic of discussion, so it’s important that the topic is on a good track!


  • Contrast is great for emphasis! Having a kitchen with a strong light to darkness contrast can really emphasis specific aspects of the kitchen. For example what does, and does not stand out when you first walk into the kitchen. This dramatic emphasis can help spread the room out and make it feel bigger, and more inviting!


  • Maximize the functionality of your drawers and space in the kitchen! Storage is always a lacking commodity. Try and find ways to maximize the storage of shelving units and drawers. Maybe install smaller sub sections inside of them  that can hold smaller objects and remove the clutter that could build up across the counter space in the kitchen.


  • Technology is built to be efficient, so why not incorporate it into the home? Smart homes are becoming more widely accepted and appreciated due to their ability to run efficiency through the home. Adding automated devices in the kitchen can attribute to a stronger control of things like water, gas, heating and so on. You could implement sensor-activated lights to reduce electricity costs, and also not worry about fumbling for the switch in the middle of the night. There are all sorts of gadgets to look into that could help your home in terms of cost as well as functionality and ease! Not to mention these kitchen technologies can be kid friendly, enhancing the safety for the whole family in the kitchen.


Remember, the kitchen is the heart of the home! It is the gathering place for the family and guests alike! So it should be a location that all feel welcome and enjoy being in!

Give us a call about those budding ideas for a remodel and lets talk about the options and designs! 

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