Keeping the Mud Contained

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With winter coming in a few short months that means more boots, coats, and winter gear in the home. A mud room in Minnesota with the perfect layout combined with enough storage is essential to survive winters and rainy seasons. Some things to think of when designing your dream mudroom is how functional the space is, the location of the room, proper layout, and the looks of the room are all key things to remember.

Functionality – Creating a mud room based on what the home needs is important, because creating a space that is practical for dryer climates in Minnesota may lead to not enough storage or space to hang outside gear.

Location – Whether the home is big or small just think that this is where everyone leaves their dirty shoes and wet snow gear. So, having the mud room close to a main door is important.

Layout – Making sure there is adequate storage for the household, to allow the family a smooth entry in and out of the house . Ensuring there is enough space to hang coats, store hats and gloves, and places for boots to dry.

Looks –  While wanting the mudroom to be efficient, making sure it goes with the home and the look is something that you like.

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