Interior Design Tips for the Home That Will Ensure a Comfortable Experience!

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Interior design can be exciting and daunting all at the same time. On one hand you really get to make your home feel unique and show a special kind of character that reflects you or your family. However on the other hand, there is plenty of ways you may over do it and cause the home to feel packed or cluttered, preventing a comfortable atmosphere.

Let’s break down a couple tips for a happy flowing home with great thought out layouts!

Living room

The living room is always known to be the main area of social interaction and relaxation for the family and guests alike! Often the living room is built around a specific wall that has a TV placed on or in front of it. Knowing what a room is revolving around will be an immense step in the right direction. Once you’ve established what the room will be working around, you can plan the design of the room in a way that most efficiently involved the TV, which will have a domino effect and in-turn cause the rest of the room to come together almost seamlessly!

Another manner of going about a  rooms design, is doing what we just recommended backwards! Build a room and it’s theme cohesively and after everything has been thematically matched, introduce the focal point of the room, in this case the TV, in a manner that allows for full functionality, while keeping the rooms aesthetic you already made!

Bathroom rugs

This is going to be short and sweet. Bathroom rugs are often used and they tend to be at the base of  the toilet and wrap around the sides a tad, and generally there is a seat cover to match. While this can be a fun and effective method for bathroom design, it is also becoming that of something which is expected. Spice up the manner in which you add the rug, by getting a rectangular rug and placing it at an angle near the toilet, but not at it’s base. This will give the rug an added function as a pathway leading to the toilet or shower, as well as the entry or exit.

House plants

people often don’t take house plants seriously, but goodness they have such an affect on an atmosphere and can help clear the air of toxins! You don’t need to make your entire home a green house by any means. Just adding one little potted plant at the dinning room table, or a few along some windows ledges, in any or all rooms can be a tremendous way to having a room feel full of life and a lighter atmosphere!

Swing back next time for some other tips and tricks! Your home is an ever evolving extension of your personality and characteristics, so keep it in great shape for a much more fulfilled daily life!

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