Indoor, Outdoor & Backyard Sport Court Trends 2022

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Are you one of the 400 million basketball fans worldwide? 

If so, you probably enjoy watching your favorite professional teams on TV and shooting some hoops yourself. 

What better way to incorporate your favorite pastime into your everyday life than installing a sport court in your home?

From indoor and outdoor courts to backyard courts, check out these 2022 sport court trends for some creative inspiration. 

Give Your Sport Court a Theme

While there’s something iconic about a classic basketball court, creativity is key when discussing sport court trends in 2022. 

Choose a color scheme or sport’s team theme that represents your style and allegiance. Add logos, team colors, and even lettering.

You can honor your favorite NBA team, college alma mater, or even local high school. If you don’t want your indoor or outdoor sport court covered in logos, incorporate your team’s favorite colors instead.

If you’re designing an indoor sport court, keep the court classic and add some logos or lettering to the surrounding walls for a splash of color and team spirit.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Sport Court

When most people think of installing a sport court in their home, they think of the outdoors. While backyard sport courts are extremely popular, recent sport court trends suggest that more people are bringing the fun indoors.

If you have the space and it fits in your budget, consider an indoor sport court. You can add it to your basement, garage, or build a covered structure.

This gives you the freedom of temperature control and playing 365 days a year, regardless of the weather. 

On the other hand, there’s nothing quite like playing on an outdoor sport court. Install exterior lighting so you can host night games and tournaments. 

Innovative Materials

Traditional courts are made of polished wood but 2022 means the ability to use a variety of materials for your sport court design.

The best sport court flooring is built to last, prevent injuries, and withstand plenty of use. Your outdoor sport court should protect against inclement weather as well. 

Popular choices include hard plastic, vinyl, and tile. Choose a shock-absorbent material that’s easy on your joints and durable.

Multi-Purpose Sport Court

Your sport court 2022 should be versatile and serve more than one purpose. Some of the most popular sport court trends in the New Year are courts that you can use for several sports.

From basketball, tennis, and volleyball to courts that transform into ice skating rinks, think outside the traditional boundary lines and get creative with your court design. 

Get Active in 2022 with a Customized Sport Court

Whether you’re building a brand new home or upgrading your current residence, adding a sport court will elevate both your home’s value and your activity level.

Get outside (or inside) and get active with a customized sport court that represents your favorite sports, teams, and lifestyle. 

At Xpand, Inc., we’ll work with you to design the perfect sport court for your needs from choosing the size and design to colors and materials. 

Give us a call at 952-292-6107 so we can get your project underway! In the meantime, check out our virtual tours feature for some ideas and inspiration. 

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