How to Use That Upstairs Crawlspace!

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Most all of us have some space in the home that isn’t necessarily used to it’s utmost potential, maximizing on your homes charm and character. For most of us that space is a little nook that we just designate as another storage space and just throw things to hide in there so we don’t have to handle it right now. Trust me i’m not judging, I do it too.

In spirit of the new year, why don’t we actually make something of that space and further develop our home! That little crawlspace nook is so much more than storage room, we can make this crawlspace into a living space, a personal little cozy room! Im not saying it should be as small as Harry’s room underneath the staircase in the first Harry Potter movie, but that is generally the concept!

This crawlspace can be a designated guest room, for your kids’ friends or some relatives on the holidays, you name it! So how do we do it? Here are some quick thoughts!

  • Most crawlspaces have that angled ceiling, so lets use that to our advantage! Depending on your specific circumstance, you could fit a single or double mattress right along the lowest point of the angled ceiling and the side wall, and this will be the sleeping section of the room. Designated for sweet ZZzzz’s!
  • To add a hint of privacy, you could introduce a railing that goes on the ceiling in front of the bed, and attach some kind of cloth for a simple curtain style hide away for the bed.
  • Now that the sleeping is arranged, we need to designate the remainder of the space for another purpose. Giving the room more than a single function adds to it’s feeling of space and opportunity, as well as enticing someone to actually want to stay in the room!
  • The remaining area can be made into something as simple as a study! Add a snug fit desk with a chair for the option of a writing platform or drawing section, whatever! Having a surface that allows for some form of activity brings the room more life!
  • Finally we need to ensure the rest of the room, which involves the walls and possibly window, have a cohesive element connecting everything together, so the tiny room, still has a feeling of flow and freedom.  Consider your color options for the walls, as well as the scenery out the window and the natural lighting the room receives! Also be sure to consider some form of carpet or rug, depending on the type of flooring already laid down and where this guest bedroom is being developed. Generally it’s a good idea to have carpet on lower floors because of the cooler temperature, the opposite being true the higher you go in the home!


That’s all it takes! Stop throwing your miscellaneous objects into that potential guest bedroom and start developing a concept for the possibilities the room holds! Maximize on your homes potential! If you have any questions about the room and its physical properties, give us a call and let us help you develop your vision! Happy homing everyone!

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