How to Handle Leaves on the Lawn!

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Now that the trees are shedding their leaves, homeowners all have a new task at hand! How do you keep your lawn clean and clutter free? There are multiple ways you can go about handling the developing piles of leaves, however i recommend leaving the raking for last!

Here are some alternate options that can be used to move or use that clutter!

Mow the leaves! 

When you go over leaves with a mower, they are shredded to bits, this along with a bag attachment, will allow you to get two birds with one stone! The ground up leaves will be easily collected into the bag and at the same time your lawn is now at the desired height and uniformity!

Vacuum the leaves! 

Leaf vacuums can suck up more than just leaves! Twigs, acorns, pine cones and other debris can also be collected with the vacuum and then easily converted into mulch or compost! Now you have some delicious nutrients for your plants and a clean lawn!

Blow the leaves away! 

Preferably not to your neighbors lawn. Generally blowing the lawn is only recommended if you have a larger lawn that helps redistribute the scattered leaves for an easier containment process, however if your lawn is smaller, raking is more efficient!


Finally, were to the tarps! Laying out tarps under your larger trees will help you not have to go all across the yard to collect the leaves. Once the tarp is full you simply have to bring it to a disposal area and dump the leaves and repeat!

These easy and simple options can be used by everyone! Also a friendly reminder to check your gutters after rainfall and before the next rainfall to ensure there is no clogging with the leaves!

Give us a call today and ask use about your new dream home and its luscious yard! 

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