Clever Hacks to Make Cleaning Dust Collectors Easier

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Use these clever hacks to make cleaning those dust collectors easier

  • Cleaning air vents
    – Try putting them in your dishwasher and using car wax to keep them clean.
  • Scrub down your cleaning supplies
    -Use a vacuum to get the lint off of brush tools.
    -Fill a bucket with hot soapy water and soak your brushes. Rinse and dry after.


  • Cleaning off ceiling fan blades but you don’t have the right tool?
    -Try using a pillow case, just put on and pull off and throw in the washer.


  • Dusting off blinds
    -Grab a pair a tongs, some rubber bands, and a couple cloths.
    -Wrap the tongs with the cloths and cover with rubber bands to keep them on.
    -Close tongs around blinds and clean them with ease.


  • Window sills can be a mess if left untouched for long periods of time
    -Grab baking soda, water, a toothbrush, and a one part water, one part vinegar, one part dish soap mixture.
    -Sprinkle the baking soda on the window sill and spray with the mixture.
    -Scrub with toothbrush
    -Apply some water to wipe away what’s left over

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