How to Add to the Remodel and Really Push Your Home’s Character!

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Remodels are the best way to reinvigorate and rejuvenate your home and it’s character. You can re-envision what your home will be like for your family and guests alike, and through doing this, will take the life experience and knowledge you have gained and naturally apply it to your home. Just as we evolve on a daily, so to should your home evolve with you!

When we chose to have our home remodeled, we have our attention set on aspects that we most look forward to and can sometimes be passive in our decisions of other areas in the home. So for this little article we will bring focus to the overlooked areas of our home!

Balusters – Generally when we have balusters in the home, they are the  cheap kind, and it tends to show. These balusters can often ruin the energy of a room when they don’t match the atmosphere given off by the rest of the home. Consider changing the basic wood balusters to a higher end material that will work with your newly remodeled home, for example fine wood, welded steel or forged iron.

Front door – This should be obvious, but the front door gets a lot of attention, it is the place that separates the inside from the out, and in saying that, is the separation of atmospheres. The front door should be exalted. This entry way should be a large focal point for anyone passing the home and looking out the car window. The front door should also inform those about to walk through it, the theme or style they will encounter. The front door is just as important as what is inside the home!

Outdoor ceiling enhancements- Most who do not have one already, at some point add a porch or patio to their home. While in the process of doing this, the focus is generally on the flooring and furniture, while the ceiling is generally disregarded or put on the back burner. A strong atmospheric alteration to the room would be to enhance the ceiling of the porch or patio to enclose the room more, and solidify its presence. Cladding the ceiling with something like beadboard or V-groove wood plank would accomplish such a feat, then just add a little paint to cooperate with the rest of the home and you are golden!

That’s all for this article! Don’t you worry, there will be more in the future to help you achieve those ideal dream homes! In the mean time consider the above information for your home and future remodel, and then give us a call! Have a great week!

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