Hot Design Trends Coming in 2020

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2020 has started, and interior design trends are changing. The new year calls for a fresh start to revamp your home. New trends are on the horizon; different themes and schemes are seeping into the interiors.

The designs of present year demand multi-purpose spaces. People are getting globally inspired, and they want their homes to be designed in a way that includes everything.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the latest real estate trends that are making ways to beautify your living spaces. Below are the top trends predicted for 2020.

Neutral Colors

Bold colors are fading. Pretty, classic, and serene neutral shades are trending. Soft and neutral green or whites are the new approach. People are more into bringing out the cool side by mixing these shades with pinks or steel greys. 

Moreover, neutral decors are also becoming an excellent choice when combined with these walls. These colors offer a restorative balance to the interiors and promote wellness and health. Furthermore, using these colors creates a sense of sophistication.

Contrasting Design

The contrast trend – combination of black and white – is going to become a big hit in 2020. This clash of light and dark is being incorporated into the latest trends in many ways. Black and white marbles, or black sofas with white throw pillows are some variations that complement the latest interior trends. There are endless possibilities for home décor this trend is offering.

Geometric Patterns

2020 is about geometric patterns. Bold geometric patterns are standing out and can be seen on everything including sofas, rugs, wallpapers, and also on light fixtures. Homeowners are now picking areas of the home where they want such patterns and make a bold statement. Flooring and fireplaces are also being updated that add a contemporary look to the house.

Customized Styles

Customized furnishings and decors are the latest real estate trends. Creating something new as per your choice is the idea many brands are following. By leaning into customization, people feel a sense of comfort, and it also seamlessly fits into the home décor style.

Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is a meeting place for family and guests. The open shelf cabinet is thriving in various designs. Darker wooden drawers for wine racks and white cabinets are becoming a choice for most homeowners. As it is more of a meeting place and entertainment space, having a seating area in kitchens can be seen as a trend in 2020.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can implement these trends into your home.

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