Home Library Remodels, a Space for the Mind to Wander and the Soul to Flourish

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Our home can be an energy filled place, excitement, pre-teen angst, you name it. We need to have a place that allows  us to engage in a calm energy to process the day and get lost in worlds of the mind. Books! Stories created from the minds of silver-penned artists to engage the reader in a carnival of curiosities and allow them to rest the body and mind.

Enticed yet? Great! We need to talk about your next home remodel idea! A home library, for you or the family or your neighbors cats, you name it!

So what do you need to think about when building an environment dedicated to reading and studies?

Let’s break it down!


The environment of this room is especially important. The energy you feel in this room will determine your ability to concentrate on the resting function, and really immerse yourself in what your doing. this means there should be an aesthetic that has calming colors and clutter-free energy.

There should be plenty of room to walk, wander and wonder. When concentration is broken from the random inaudible noise outside the room you need to not get distracted by something else in the room. Ensure the room has very specific objects in it, so books and maps and things that are studied and involving sitting or laying and relaxing the body.


Noise is another important aspect to consider, as seen from the section above. Maybe consider having the room dedicated to soundproof so the neighbors mowing their lawn doesn’t cause distress and broken concentration. Think of the type of door you want to use because they all have different forms of noise cancellation. Maybe add an attachment to the bottom of the door to close the gap between the floor and the door but still allows it to open and close smoothly. Technology in the room can be another source of noise, so consider the hum of the computer or the buzzing of a radio when your planning the items inside the room.


Lights! Naturally you need to be able to see what your reading. Think about all times of the day when your in this room. Will there be an abundance of natural lighting during the day? What kind of lights will be used during the night hours? It’s always a great idea to get lights as close to natural sunlight, this is good for mental health and is known to improve the mood and put stress on the decline.

Structural Layout

How will the flow of the library feel? You need to consider the layout of the walls and how the air flows in the room. There is always an option for a loft style, which is popular for libraries/studies. Enter the room and pick out a book then walk up the stairs that overlook the lower level that holds shelves abundant with your future journeys. You could also consider a lovely window seating, the stereotypical library functionality, but always a deeply loved location. A window seat can be a great place to cozy up and read or study, while being close to the outside world without the possibility of an icicle falling from your nose!

Home libraries/ studies are places of retreat and regeneration. They can improve a homes charm greatly and become one of the main attractions as well. Give us a call today and lets discuss some ideas so you can be ready before the winter hits to cozy up and get lost in wonderland with Alice. 

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